Private Investigation Testimonials

Private Investigator in Dallas, Texas

Thank you for answering my questions yesterday concerning the promotion of my firm’s website. I understand that web promotion can be a complex issue and there are oftentimes more issues than meet the eye. I truly appreciate you giving me some sense of the roadblocks that come up along the way. It was a pleasure to be greeted by you in a professional, cheerful and informative manner. I found this assistance to be invaluable in my effort to promote my firms website. I felt like you promptly checked our needs and handled our inquiry with swiftness and professionalism. I was reluctant initially to spend money on such a venture, however, within 24 hours of doing so, my firm received two inquiries that were a direct result of your firm’s effort to promote our business. One of the inquiries resulted in a sale in excess of $1000. Please accept my congratulations on a job well done. I look forward to working with you and your firm now and in the future.

Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher Investigations LLC (TX)

Private Investigator in San Francisco, California

Just wanted to let you know that the traffic and calls have increased since I have been involved with your Company. For instance, last month I received a call from a client who found me on Google. The client eventually hired me for a sensitive investigation and the total cost was close to $20,000. I asked the client why he chose me out of the dozens of private investigators and he indicated because I was on the top of the page and the way it was laid out. I truly appreciate the work and the professionalism of Ideal Positions and I intend to keep working with them in the future.

Pete Siragusa
Siragusa Investigations (CA)