Photography Testimonials

Wedding Photographer in Omaha, Nebraska

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ideal Positions for all of their work in getting us to the number one position on Google and Yahoo search engines. Most companies provide less than they promise but with Ideal positions they did just the opposite, far exceeding my expectations. They are easy to work with and provide exceptional service and I would recommend them to any company that is looking for better internet exposure.

Peter Lorince
TLC Photography (NE)

Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada

I am a photographer based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and I have worked with Ideal positions since March of 2010. Before becoming a client of Ideal Positions, I worked with several of their competitors, none of them delivered what they promised and none of them produced results. Ideal Positions placed me in the #1 spot under my keywords and I have been there ever since. Their customer service is excellent and I have never had any hidden charges appear on my credit card statements. I have had an increased number of phone calls since they placed my website at the top of Google. I find that Ideal Positions service has been far more effective in producing results for me than I was able to for myself while running my own adwords campaign. Thanks!

Keith Kaplan 
Keith Kaplan Photography (NV)

Special Event Photographer in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Dear Potential Clients of Ideal Positions, As a small business owner, I have limited resources in promoting my business. Several years ago, I tried to position my online campaign ad through Google AdWords but was unsuccessful in my efforts. I grew frustrated with their system because of the length of time I spent trying to figure it out only to achieve poor results.

I recently received an invitation from Google AdWords asking me to try advertising my business with them again. I spent several hours trying to master exactly how to list my ad on the first page of a Google search. Then… I noticed that there might be help available. After only a few seconds of investigation on the Google AdWords site, I was given information about a company that could help me meet my advertising goals… Ideal Positions.

I was skeptical. Yet, this was a company referred by Google itself. Google had actually certified this company as legitimate, which meant everything to me. I called them and was quickly connected with their VP of Sales. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He was upfront with everything. There was no shady-ness involved. He asked me several questions, explained the process, and provided me with a quote. A VERY REASONABLE QUOTE!

Since that initial conversation, I have found my company #1 on the first page of Google! I have received several phone calls about our services through the Google ad. Actually, we booked our first event for $850 just 1 day after the ad went live (and the ad went live within 1 hour of talking with Ideal Positions!)! My wife and I are so excited about the opportunities that exist because of this incredible company! If you have any doubts, call me. I can be reached at 888-262-4551 or 570-592-4633. We cannot thank the staff at Ideal Positions enough! This is truly an AWESOME company! Do not wait any longer… call them today.


 John McDonald
PA Party Pix
Special Event Photo Booths (PA)

Wedding Photographer in Alhambra, California

One of the most important parts of starting a wedding photography business is to market oneself effectively, especially if it is in one of the biggest cities in the country: Los Angeles. Thanks to Ideal Positions, I can say with 100% assurance and satisfaction that going with their services has been the best business decision this year for me. There are hundreds of search engine optimization (SEO) companies out there but I can not think of one other than Ideal Positions that GUARANTEES your listing will be at the very top ALL THE TIME, 24/7, on the two most popular search engines on the Internet: Google and Yahoo.

The two biggest wedding photography packages that I have booked in the two months that I started my business are thanks to Ideal Positions. The cost, which is very competitive, of going with Ideal Positions for the entire year has already been paid for. I can not say enough of how pleased and lucky I feel that I went with this company. They are true to their words on giving you exactly what you want: top placement of your business on search engines every single time. There is no hidden cost and the customer service that Ideal Positions provide is second to none. I am able to call and actually get someone knowledgeable and professional in what they do pick up and talk to me one on one. They simply CARE about you and your business and have a vested interested in your success.

Henry Chen
Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer (CA)

Wedding Photographer in Church Hill, Tennessee

In the very competitive world of Internet marketing, it is difficult for most business owners to compete with the largest companies. Ideal Positions has made it possible for me to have the highest rankings on the best search engines and thus increase my income. I was never able to achieve the search engine status I now have on my own and you made it happen almost instantly. I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty to make my business stand out. Despite the other costly advertising efforts we have made, nothing has come close to the benefits of being at the top of Google and Yahoo. I wish you continued success in helping others with their search engine listings and feel certain that any business owner will be happy if they try this wonderful service.

Michael S. Wade
Michael S. Wade Wedding Photographers (TN)

Wedding Photographer in Knoxville, Tennessee

I want to thank Ideal Positions for their friendly service and fantastic results! What do I like best? They simply have done EXACTLY what they said they would do. I have been a user now for two months and have experienced a substantial increase in client contacts. I would highly recommend them with the current level of service I am receiving.

Jammey Church
Essential Moments Photography (TN)

Photographer in Fort Meyers, Florida

I want to let other business owners know how excited I am! Ideal Positions did exactly what they said they would do; PUT my business at the top of the world on Google and Yahoo. Before I signed up with Ideal Positions, I was paying Google and Yahoo a ton of $$$ for pay per clicks and was only on the top position a few hours a day. Now I am on top 24-7! And the calls are coming in! Within hours of signing up with Ideal Positions, I had already signed up a new portrait client.

Paul and JoAnn Foreman
Captivating Images Photography (FL)