Pest Control Testimonials

Pest Control in Scottsdale, Arizona

I have been using Ideal Positions now for about three years and they always have my company at the top of the search engines within 24 hours no matter what key phrases I am using. The level of service that I experience from Ideal Positions is by far the best service in the industry. Glynne and the staff are always eager to help me in whatever new marketing program I am ready to take on. The best part of all is that the phone rings non stop with new business.

Roque D Hatch
Hatch Pest Control (AZ)

Pest Control in Woodhaven, New York

I am writing to thank you for the search term you have provided our company. Many people have never heard of this unique type of marketing, we are all aware of pay per click and the high cost. Ideal Positions has unlimited clicks for our term Pest Control New York. Hills Pest Management would like to thank you for all the traffic you drive to us. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you.

Mark Hill
Hill’s Pest Management (NY)

Termite and Pest Control in Dallas, Texas

We are a small business trying to compete with the big corporate pest control companies for top rankings in the search engines. We have tried about everything under the sun. Until we signed up with Ideal Positions we had never seen results. Not only did they get us to number #1, but they did it in a day! Since joining them we have seen a huge difference in our sales from the internet. Thanks so much Ideal. PS, I liked it so much I also did it with my hobby business wedding photography and it’s working great!

Christopher Delaney
A.N.T.T.S. Pest Control (TX)