Legal Testimonials

Personal Injury Attorney in Seattle, Washington

Ideal Positions has done an excellent job of creating and managing our PPC account. They are proactive about making necessary changes and always alert us when updates need to be made. They update us each month with the status of our account and are quick in response to our requests for changes. Patrick is the best, always responsive, available and has great ideas on how to keep our phone ringing.

We have used other internet marketing firms before, they generally set you up and put things on cruise control and collect checks each month. Ideal Positions earns their fees every month! I would highly recommend these guys to anyone! Except for my competition.

H. Moore

Process Server in San Diego, California

Ideal Positions is the best internet marketing company out there! They are honest and provide the services exactly as they describe. Their internet marketing has taken my small family owned Attorney services company to new levels.

I am so happy to have found a company that does what they say they are going to do! I have been with Ideal Positions for more than 1 year and have tried other companies in the past; and I can say that I will stick with them for many years to come. I can call anytime and reach Patrick my personal internet marketing specialist. Patrick is always happy to review my account to make sure every advertising dollar spent is being put to work in the most effective way.

Way to go Ideal Positions, You have hit a home run with us!

Randi Callahan
Callahan Attorney Services (CA)

Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

Wow! It is such a pleasure to deal with a company who does exactly what they say they are going to do. You promised me superior positioning and tons of hits to my website, and that is exactly what has happened. In just a few short months my Internet advertising has increased by 500% and it is all because of Ideal Positions. The customer service is excellent and the pricing is hard to beat. Thanks again, you are the best!

David Ruben
Law Offices of David Ruben (MD)

Business Filing Service in Sacramento, California

To anyone considering help with Google advertising, I highly recommend Ideal Positions. When I started my business, I was placing ads myself with limited success, and I was spending way too much time and money on advertising. When I decided to go with Ideal Positions, they instantly saved me stress, time, and in the long run, money. Glynne Savio and her team are very responsive and courteous. They will work with you to make your business advertising as cost-effective as possible. The customer service is second to none and I can assure you will not be disappointed.

James Thomas
Get It Filed (CA)

DUI Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Ideal Positions and Jessica Smith take the hassle out of Internet advertising. I do not miss the countless hours wasted tweaking Google Ads, not to mention the stress of watching my account drain in days. Thank you for the hard work.

Jay Tiftickjian
The Tiftickjian Law Firm (CO)

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Austin, Texas

Ideal Positions Built My Bankruptcy Practice

Last year I had to create a law practice that would support itself, and hopefully me. I knew I had to go to the web. Everyone in business gets lots of solicitations from web optimizers or marketers, but for some reason, I listened to and trusted Glynne of Ideal Positions. Since beginning with the company, I have doubled my original pay-per-click (PPC) budget. They keep me positioned far better than I can myself for much less money, and they do exactly what they say they will do.

Another consultant within the company, Kevin, has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help with my Google local business listing, traffic generated by great PPC placement, and a 1st-page map listing has caused my web site natural selection placement to soar. Triple coverage on the 1st page of Google for many relevant search terms; I can not thank them enough!

Finally, the folks at Ideal Positions stay abreast of SEO and Google algorithm trends; you can trust them to use only the best practices. When I say they built my practice, I mean it.

Susan G. Taylor
Law Offices of Susan Taylor (TX)

Personal Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana

Here is my experience with Ideal Positions:

1. Month to month contract-they earn your future business every month or you may walk away.
2. The placements are always where promised.
3. Glynne Savio, my representative, is constantly in touch with me making suggestions as to ways to produce more leads.
4. I never have difficulty reaching Glynne.
5. Their integrity is matchless in the business community.

I get 3 or 4 inquiries each week from marketing companies and have dealt with several.This is clearly the best and most trustworthy placement company because they believe my success is their success and, in the long run, everyone knows this is true.

Go with Ideal Positions and do not look back-you will never be sorry.

If you have any questions, call me at (317)459-5100.

Gerald L Cowan
Law Offices of Gerald L Cowan PC (IN)

Defense Lawyer in New York City, New York

I want to thank you Ideal Positions. I was very reluctant to spend money on Internet advertising when I first started working with your firm. I can say you have done a great job. I am receiving calls like never before. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work.

Sam Gregory
Law Office of Samuel Gregory (NY)

Civil Litigator in Sacramento, California

Please allow me to express in writing my appreciation for your commitment and follow through, and especially the results! When we spoke, I did not believe you could deliver what you promised. However, very soon thereafter, my phone started ringing off of the hook. I now have the best placement on the Internet I could desire, and I have more business than I can handle. Ideal Positions has been excellent to work with, great customer service, business and technical know-how, and is worth every penny spent.

Mark J. Reichel
The Law Offices of Mark J. Reichel (CA)

Personal Injury Attorney in Silicon Valley, California

It has now been almost two weeks since you contacted me regarding sponsored placement of my website in Google and Yahoo. I am not a novice advertiser having been one of the first California attorneys to advertise and maintain a presence in the ATT Yellow Pages. I get solicited almost daily by web industry advertisers who proclaim that they can get me high rankings for my site. Almost invariably, I turn them down as seemingly too pie-in-the-sky. For some reason, when you contacted me, I listened. You made promises that I felt that you could not possibly keep. I recall looking at my existing organic position in the web and feeling satisfied that my search engine optimizer was doing well in having me on the first page for most keywords. Yet it kept nagging at me that you had offered me the top spot for criminal defense attorneys in my very competitive market in Silicon Valley. So I decided to try you out and I have been stunned by the results. You immediately had me in the top spot in the listings! Simply put, you deliver what you claim. In my business, that is golden. And on top of that, you are a great guy to work with. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Doug Lipton
Lipton Law Offices (CA)

Criminal Defense Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee

Our office is very pleased with the response we have gotten from our position on the internet created by Ideal Positions. The response to certain services that our firm offers has doubled. I would recommend to anyone wishing to create a #1 presence on the internet search engines to deal with Dorrie and the good people at her company. They have always been most helpful and the information that they gave us was right on target. Upon the finalization of our contract, they began to put us up and running with the greatest sense of urgency. The program is cost-effective and it works! I would welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone wanting a first-hand account of how this works and let them know what it has done for our business.

Robert T. Vaughn
Attorney at Law (TN)

Divorce Attorney in Long Island, New York

I just wanted to write to thank you for what you and Ideal Positions have done for our practice. In this world of internet advertising where so many people promise you that they will do something and so few actually deliver, Ideal Positions has been somewhat unique. You told me what you were going to do for me and you did it. Beyond that, when you saw that there was a drop in certain search terms you contacted me and you adjusted what I was doing, without charge to me, so that I would continue to get the benefit of my advertising that I had been getting before. I do not believe that I have ever encountered a firm that behaves as you do and is aware of the fact that if an ad isn’t pulling, both of us suffer, not just me. I can heartily recommend Ideal Positions to anybody who is doing internet advertising (although hopefully nobody in my geographic area of practice) as I can guarantee that they will see a change in the return they get on their advertising dollar. Being placed in the top of Google and in the top of Yahoo is something that generates returns that I do not experience with organic searches despite the time that I frequently have one, two or three of the top ten positions. Again, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us and what you continue to do for us on an ongoing basis. On some level, I really wish I can keep this a secret.

Kenneth M. Keith
Keith, Shapiro and Ford Attorneys at Law (NY)