Interior Design Testimonials

Interior Designer in Boston, Massachusetts

In an industry rife with promises, big initial payouts, and non-responsive Call Centers, it is refreshing and reassuring to be working with Ideal Positions. My Sales Rep is Mya, and I cannot say enough good things about her and my experience. She is professional, courteous and she genuinely cares about my business and my Search Engine ranking. As a result of working with Ideal Positions, we have seen 4x the call volume into our office and our revenues have already doubled in six-months from the whole previous year. Ideal Positions is an honest company that delivers on their promise for a very affordable fee. I am more than pleased with their results and it is nice not to have to fuss about my rankings anymore. I highly recommend Ideal Positions as a top-notch SEP firm that can absolutely deliver the goods.

M. Charles Beach
(m)+ Charles Beach INTERIORS L.L.C. (MA)

Interior Designer in San Francisco, California

I was so glad to get your call the other day about adding search terms to our account. We have been thrilled with the results we have seen in the growth of our business and website traffic since opening our account with you. I had many previous conversations with other companies and I got nowhere with them. They were not speaking in any way to connect with me and seemed more interested in bullying me to work with them than generally being interested in our business and helping us. Our experience with Ideal Positions has been fabulous: website traffic is way up, call volume is much higher and we have been working on some wonderful projects as a result of both. Thanks for your help and hard work, and we look forward to continued work in the future!

Jessica Duwe
Danielle Designs LLC (CA)

Interior Designer in Charlotte, North Carolina

I have been approached by 2 other search engine companies claiming the ability to help me get my company moved onto page one of Google. Both claimed it would take up to a month to see the progress, their fees were at least double what Ideal Positions would charge and they boasted of only the ability to do it on Google. Then I received a phone call from Ideal Positions. They promised page one for both Yahoo and Google. It took only 2 days for me to see the results and cost half as much. Mya, my salesperson is well informed, extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I have. Bravo to Ideal Positions.

Stacie Salisbury
Metropolitan Design Concepts, Inc. (NC)