Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Hypnosis Service in Burlington, Massachusetts

I have been working with Allen McConnell for 5 weeks to increase web traffic to my business. While diligently meeting my needs and respecting my budgetary concerns his efforts have yielded a 40% increase in business compared to the 5 weeks prior to our collaboration. Although I am unsure how this will add up over the long haul I would definitely recommend Allen and www.IdealPositions.com to anyone interested in top search engine placement.

Paul Gustafson
Burlington Hypnosis (MA)

Hypnosis Coach in Seattle, Washington

I am completely satisfied with the services Ideal Positions provides. They do just what they say they will, and fast. My search terms were at the top of every search engine I looked at within just a couple of days. I get more traffic to my website as a result. I get personal service from my salesman, Allen, and their prices are so much better than other companies. This is the only advertising I’ve done that gives me consistent results. When Ideal Positions is positioning my search terms, my client flow increases. When I take the search terms down, my business falls off – dramatically. I highly recommend Ideal Positions.

Lisa Mills, CHt.
Heliotrope Hypnosis Coaching & Hypnotherapy (WA)

Hypnotherapy Counseling in Denver, Colorado

I signed up with Ideal Positions in the spring of 2008 under several different search terms in my field. The cost of the terms I signed up for was more than I could afford to just dispose of in a month. So, when telling a colleague of mine what I was up to, she asked, “But do you have that to throw away each month?” My answer was, “no,” but that the idea was for these ads to bring me lots more income each month. I am so happy to say that in the very first month the income that was brought in by the ad was more than double what I was paying for the ad. The second month, it more than tripled. The third month, it was double what the second month was! Plus, I started to get referrals from some of those clients, so by the time the fourth month rolled around, I was bringing in about 5 TIMES what I was paying for the ad! My business has been able to stay steady even during hard times in the economy and this is all thanks to Ideal Positions placing my business at the top. One thing that I think really helped too is that I bought just about every term possible for my location in my field. After all, it’s better to fish with a net than a little pole if you really want results. I even had a client tell me, “I just kept seeing you under everything I searched for, so I figured I should come to you.” In addition to the ad working so well, Joe with Ideal Positions is an absolute pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Joe Ramsay (sales rep), as well as Ideal Positions!

Carrisa Brown-Holscher
Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist (CO)