COVID-19 and How It’s Affecting Our Office Operations

MARCH 24, 2020—We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and taking the necessary steps to protect our employees while still being available to our clients.

airplane flying and towing a sign behind it that says "stay at home"

Because we are located in California, we are adhering to California’s mandatory Shelter In Place Order and temporarily closing our office. However, client accounts are still being monitored and voicemails and emails are being returned as quickly as possible.

We understand your business may be operating differently than usual as well. Please contact us if you need to make adjustments to your account—we want to do what we can to help the businesses we work with continue generating income during this difficult time.

The quickest way to reach us during this time is by email at (We are also checking voicemails, but may be unavailable via phone. If you do call us, calling the main line—1-866-609-3483—will ensure the most prompt response, as it will be checked most frequently).

Thank you for understanding that we are doing our best with a limited staff to help protect the safety and well-being of our customers and employees.

We will be posting updates here, as well as on our social media accounts, as our situation changes.

Thank You from the Ideal Positions Team

Volunteering For PBS

On November 21st we had the pleasure of helping our local PBS station for a fund raiser. We had such a great time, and wanted to share some of the pictures from the event.
Check back for more pictures and some video of the event!

Playing with Our 360° Camera while Volunteering at PBS!

On November 28th some members of the Ideal Positions crew volunteered to help with a fundraiser for our local PBS station.

During the event we got to use our 360° camera for some fun pictures – as shown below. Thanks to our own Jeff Sanchez for running the camera!

We had a great time and were thrilled to be able to help a great cause like PBS. Stay tuned as we’ll be uploading more pictures (and maybe video!) of the event soon!

Compassion in Business

In today’s polarized political and social climate, people are often unkind and sometimes downright nasty to each other, if you ever doubt this, just spend some time reading the comment section on most news articles or social media posts. It’s probably prudent to note that at least a small percentage of the unkindness online is generated by bots and trolls who simply want a reaction from people.

All too often businesses see their customers or clients merely as numbers on their financial statements or fractions of their profit margins, this is a big mistake. If 80% of customers returning are needed for a business to thrive, it would serve any proprietor(s) or board of directors to think of their clients as Human Beings, as people. Empathy and compassion not only make the world a better place but can pay dividends in the world of commerce. Something as simple as remembering a customer’s name can mean a great deal to them and it may end up being what makes them choose your business over a competitor’s the next time they intend to spend money on a  product or service that you offer. Remembering a small detail of a conversation with them, whether it be something about their job, their family, a medical issue, a philanthropic cause important to them, a hobby, a political or social position they hold, an opinion expressed about a current world event, a pop culture reference etc.. could end up being a what endears them to your company and ultimately earns their loyalty. With top economists projecting an impending recession the likes of which will make The Great Depression pale in comparison, great customer service may be what keeps you in business when the bottom drops out of the economy.

Over the last 15 years and 16,000+ clients, we’ve learned of our customer’s engagements, marriages, births of children, divorces, bankruptcies, arrests, convictions (1 for murder) graduations, career achievements, personal growth/milestones, surgeries, health-related struggles, legal woes and victories, tragic losses of loved ones and yes, even their deaths. Many of our representatives have had clients share deeply personal things, both good and bad and many of have formed long-lasting and deep Human connections with them. Obviously, making money is the ultimate goal in business, but if you can make friends, connect with people emotionally, intellectually, impact someone’s life or just make someone’s day with a kind word, why not? We are all just people, life can be wonderful and life can be hard but a little kindness goes a long way.

Ditch the Real Estate Mega-Sites and Promote Your Own.

Most real estate professionals I speak to these days seem pretty high on sites like, Zillow, Trulia, Homefinder, etc. just like they were a few years ago with but before you sell the farm for a spot on these monster sites, there are a couple of things to consider. You may realize that you are better off promoting your own website than jumping on the real estate mega-site bandwagon.

The #1 complaint web surfers have with visiting sites on their smartphones is the loading time, in fact over 50% will back out and move on to another site if a page/site takes more than 2 seconds to load. People have short attention spans and little patience for slow-loading sites. There are several factors that can lead to slow load time, including the user’s own phone/connection but it makes little difference to most as they just want an easy, convenient experience.

You have a small window of time to capture and respond to a viable lead so why would you leave that to chance? Why put your faith in a slow, heavy, cumbersome, unreliable website? Your website, if built properly is far more likely to perform when it needs to than these behemoths. If using these sites is preferable to you because you can remain “anonymous” while you search for real estate, ask yourself if you would rather have your information collected and used by a singular individual, a small, local brokerage or a giant, multi-national corporation who is likely to sell your information to anyone willing to pay.

Ideal Positions has worked with literally thousands of real estate professionals all over North America for the last 15 years and at one point had to turn away testimonials because we simply had too many to process. We worked exclusively with Real Estate pros for the 1st 3 years we were in business so, we are more than qualified to speak to the efficacy of placing individual agents, brokers and agencies at the top of Google. Aside from standing alone above the competition at the top of the page, being associated with the big sites also on the page can’t hurt, it lends itself to the perception that one is a legitimate player in the industry by being in the company of branded, recognizable, well-funded and successful real estate companies. Credible by association, if you will.

Why get lost in the mix of thousands of other agents, why be just a face in the crowd when you can stand, head and shoulders above the rest? Stand out. Be recognized. Brand yourself. Sit at the top of Google. Don’t leave your success, your sales and your income in the hands of sites that aren’t reliable on mobile devices, who promote themselves and not you, that have no vested interest in your success. You are a dime a dozen to these sites, don’t join them, beat them. In most cases, within 24 hours or less we can have your site above everyone else on the page and we give you a 100% free demonstration of this with no obligation and no commitment. I triple dog dare you to call us 866-609-3483 and see for yourself.