Timothy McConnell

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our Ideal Positions family, Tim (Allen) McConnell.

Tim started with Ideal Positions in 2007, and quickly earned the respect and admiration of his coworkers with his upbeat attitude and willingness to help however he could. Throughout his career with Ideal Positions Tim advanced through the sales department, holding the positions of Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Client Success Consultant, and earned his Individual Google Partner certification.  During his time with Ideal Positions Tim was instrumental in the creation and implementation of many company procedures, and helped the company grow the services that are offered today.

Tim always had such an enthusiasm for life, and an incredible way of bringing joy to everyone around him.  Tim was one of the rare individuals that made coming to work every day an enjoyable experience, and you looked forward to spending time with him – it seemed less like work, and more like hanging out with a friend.

Tim treated his friends like family, because I believe that to him, we were.  I am reminded of a story that demonstrates the types of relationships that Tim formed.

Frequently Tim would check in with his partner during the workday to find out how her day was going and to share some triumph or challenge he was faced with.  He would always end those conversations with her by telling her that he loved her.  On this occasion, after speaking with a client Tim unexpectedly ended the conversation with, “Love you.”  Without missing a beat the client responded with, “Love you, too.”

Knowing Tim, and the kinds of relationships that he formed, this was not out of place.  If you were a friend of Tim’s, you were family.

I am proud to have known Tim, and call him family.

Josh Babbitt
Owner, Ideal Positions

We will be updating this page with more stories about Tim, hoping to give everyone an opportunity to learn more about the man that we here at Ideal Positions knew and loved.  If you have a story about Tim that you would like to share, please let us know.

Tim was the first person I met when I interviewed with Ideal Positions and I worked under him directly in my first few months. He wasn’t overbearing and felt more like a mentor who wanted me to succeed than a boss. We’d talk about fishing and music, but he was always intensely focused when it came time to get the job done.

When he was training me he’d say things like, “That was good. I liked how you said…next time you could try…” and offer advice. He had a knack for recognizing a person’s unique style and turning it into a strength. Even if I was making mistakes, he never cut me down. Pointing out shortcomings or inexperience wasn’t his thing. His focus instead was on my potential. Under his leadership, I gained experience and confidence, which eventually led me to pursue other positions within the company, and to take on new challenges.

Years later, he told me that he’d seen something in me and had known that I would do well from that first interview. Of course in my mind, I owe that all to him. He made it a fun place to work, and a place that cared about people, not just numbers. He believed in me, in our team, and in our work. He was that kind of person, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Tim, thank you for the faith you placed in me and for the guidance you gave me. I miss you, but I’ll carry everything you’ve taught me with me.

Heather Walters, Campaign Strategist & Local SEO Specialist



When I started at Ideal Positions I had already known Tim for a little bit outside of work, but we didn’t know each other all that well. As time went on working here I got to know him better and he became a good friend of mine. We lived a few streets down from each other, so when he passed it felt like losing family and a neighbor. Tim was an amazing, positive person and I’m glad I got to know him for as long as I did, he’ll always have a spot in my heart as he’ll have a spot in all of yours.

Ian Davis, SEM Department Team Member



Tim loved nicknames. As soon as he heard that I was given a new nickname, “T-Bone”, he never called me by my first name again. I feel like this made us so much closer, and every time I would hear him say “Hey T-Bone!” I really felt like part of the family. Tim was very good at making us feel that way.

Tim was, without a doubt, the most positive and passionate person in the office- even when he took days off he would constantly call in with any new ideas he just thought of.

He also had an enormous respect for past employees, and often recognized them for getting us to where we are at now. I know that we’ll be thinking of and thanking Tim often too, as he was not only a vital part of our team, but a very close friend to us all.”

Teresa Passen, Client Support Manager



During my six years knowing Tim, we became good friends. I still remember my first day here and in particular Tim calling into my office near the end of the day. I was introduced in the morning to everyone, but at around 4 pm he poked his head into my office. He was so happy about having a fellow Irishman in the office and we bonded immediately.

He was such a genuine and generous guy who would go out of his way to help. He would on so many mornings, without fail, pick me up and often other co-workers and bring us to work. Even on days when he wasn’t coming in himself, he would still make sure I made it on time. That’s just what he would do.

It was during these many commutes, we would talk about everything from family to music to awesome places to visit and eat in California. This was usually to a soundtrack of a metal CD he had in his stereo.

He was an awesome co-worker to everyone who worked at Ideal Positions, a great friend to both me and my wife, and I just wanted to say thank you Tim, for the great memories.

Brian Murray, Web Developer



Tim was by far one of, if not the most positive influence in my sales career here at IP.  No matter my mood, he always had something encouraging to say and knew how to put a smile on my face.  He was like my older brother outside of work as well, always offering words of wisdom and advice. He never stopped reminding me to keep my head up no matter how hard things were, I knew he’d always be there for me.

When I was in my car accident in 2014, with my life hanging by a thread, he rushed to the hospital and stood by my side until I was flown to Stanford for surgery. Although I remember very little from the accident, one of the few memories I do have is of him telling me to hold on and that he was there by my side.

Tim always pushed everyone to succeed and would give you every last ounce of energy he had to ensure it happened.  He would give you the shirt off his back and the shoes he walked in to make you more comfortable, so long as the people around him were happy, then he was too.

The memories that myself, my family and all the co-workers here at IP have with Tim are everlasting.  He will always be part of our lives and I’m so incredibly thankful to have been able to call him my friend, coworker and the older brother I never had.  Tim, you are missed more than words can explain, but the thought of knowing you’re still here with us every day brings peace to our minds and a calm to our hearts.

Patrick Rex, Assistant Sales Manager



There are some people who come into your life, who make you feel blessed simply by knowing them. Timothy Allen McConnell was one of those people.  His drive and constant optimism, his enthusiasm about the things he was passionate about, and the twinkle in his eyes when you were lucky enough to share a laugh with him, are just a few of his qualities I will miss the most.  The Ideal Positions team truly is a family, and the loss of our great friend and fellow family member has been beyond devastating. I’m sure I can speak for most of us in saying that to know Timothy Allen was to love him, and it has been an honor being one of the people who had the gift of being part of his life on this earth.

Sara Provancha, Campaign Strategist



I will never forget the first time meeting Tim in person and the confidence and energy he exuded. He immediately wanted to collaborate and become a powerful team. I would end up spending the next 6 years working alongside Tim all day, everyday during the workweek. In that time I got to know Tim incredibly well and learn from him. He was like no one else I have ever met. Tim would truly inspire, whether he was talking about his family or favorite fishing trip, his passion and excitement about the people and memories in his life was something to look forward to.

Nicholas Prozzo, Sales Manager




Just thought I’d take a moment to share with you how much it’s meant to know you. It’s been a month since you left us and now they say we have to go gather at your favorite boat dock to say goodbye I’ve somehow tricked myself into thinking all is okay. I’m sitting in the office you and I share while writing this. I’m actually at your desk with my feet up just to show you how it’s done. Ha, I know you’d love that J

Over these last few years, that is what stands out about our friendship- showing each other how things get done, all the way to our own office. You made it clear when you said the things we could learn from each other would make us unstoppable! Well? You’re gone, and I’m left with the memories of all our awesome arguments and learning. I know you left here excited about what we where going to do. But you left me here with just enough to know I could do it. I love you my dear friend and I will see you on the other side.”

Jeff Sanchez, Digital Marketing Consultant