Heather Walters

Campaign Strategist

As an Ideal Positions’ Campaign Strategist, Heather not only monitors and optimizes client accounts, but also communicates with clients directly to ensure that whether advertising in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, client needs are matched with superior account performance. She has worn many hats at Ideal Positions by aiding in sales, providing administrative support, and assisting clients and coworkers in all aspects of campaign management. This enables her to understand each campaign from the start, and use that knowledge to provide inspired customer service to clients and greater support to the entirety of the Ideal Positions’ team.

Tell us about the company you work for – Ideal Positions.

Ideal Positions is a website placement company focused on driving more business to our clients through exceptional customer service, hands-on account management, and industry best practices. Our team is dedicated and knowledgeable, not to mention award-winning!

How do you help create excellent customer service for clients?

I’ve had the luxury of being in several different roles here at Ideal Positions. From Customer Service to Administrative Support, and now as part of the SEM Team, I know how to guide clients through each step of their campaigns. I love the perspective each role has offered me, and I’m much more fully equipped to provide the absolute best customer service to each and every client as a result!

What motivates you at work?

My motivation? The clients, my coworkers, the industry, the company, the list goes on. There’s so much to what we do here and every time I’m introduced to a new facet, I HAVE to learn all I can about it! I know the more tools we have as individuals, the greater Ideal Positions will be for our clients. I feel that it is necessary to push myself to positively and continuously contribute to Ideal Positions, because, in turn, I am able to positively contribute to our clients!

Why do you enjoy working at Ideal Positions?

The best thing about this job is helping people. I spoke with so many different people as a Customer Service Representative about their frustrations and their fears in regards to marketing. The stories I heard seemed to always be similar: they had been let down by another company, or the marketing they were trying just wasn’t converting. For me, working for a company that has the solution to these concerns is the greatest joy about the job. We care, and our clients can attest to that.

Tell us about your current or past passions outside of work?

I recently relocated to California from New Mexico and I’m still enjoying everything the ocean has to offer. From crabbing to surfing, I’m trying it all! I’m an avid snowboarder, play guitar and put on concerts at a local retirement community, and have recently started rock climbing.

State “pie-in-the-sky” dream/goal/hope or yours

I’ve always wanted to own and run a vineyard. After having the opportunity to live in this beautiful state and see wine country first hand, I’m completely enamored with the idea.