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A Message From The Owner

The Ideal Positions story is a pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of story, a from-nothing-came-something, spectacular entrepreneurial tale. I used to drive to a studio apartment and pull up a chair to the kitchen counter to start my workday. It is hard for me to believe that memory is now over twelve years old! Today Ideal Positions’ main office is a 5,000 sq. foot, professional workspace bustling with driven, experienced staff members who are excitedly swapping client success stories, their own goals and ideas, and collaborating with passion and creativity.

Employees in Scott’s Valley, California; Missoula, Montana and Honolulu, Hawaii email, call, and Skype to stay in touch while working remotely, as it turned out to be a win-win to keep them as part of the team and assisting Ideal Positions’ clients long after they each moved out of the area.

As I recall the triumphs, the missteps, the heartaches, and the ecstasies of the past twelve years, I recognize the heart and soul commitment that has been and still is required from myself, and from many of the long-time staff members. Our dedicated management team, comprised of Josh Babbitt, Mara Grow, and Nick Prozzo who have over 18 years of combined service, creates a very strong foundation for growth and progress. (Thank you, Josh, Mara, and Nick!) Other leaders within the company, particularly Patrick Rex, Noelle Burningham and Allen McConnell who have over 29 years of combined service, are remarkably resourceful, and committed to adapting to the Company’s changing objectives and needs. (Hallelujah to that!) Building this business—Ideal Positions—has been a heroic feat of constant creation, one that could not have manifested without the focused energy of many passionate staff members committed to progress, and, from progress, the expansion of opportunity and success for themselves, their coworkers, and our beloved clients.

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Nearly all our clients are themselves small business owners or leaders within their own companies, pioneers across industries working hard to create jobs and opportunities for their families, stamping their mark on their local and, sometimes, even our shared national economies. In the current divided political arena, small businesses are not valued enough as a defining, necessary component of a free society that provides interesting, satisfying employment.

The ability to create and chase down opportunity (“The American Dream”) begins with small businesses’ ability to compete freely with uninhibited motivation to do so. To all those Atlas’s of the world that have not “shrugged”, whatever your position within a company, I salute you! You will not be taken for granted as one of our clients.

Ideal Positions recognizes that you probably have your own pulled yourself up by your bootstraps kind of story too. We’d love to hear it and, then, be the hand that helps pull you up a little further.

Kelsy Anderson, Owner